It was a dream:
In the equestrian figures of high school (here a lean to the right, like a dance step),
the horse and his rider can reach the summit of their art through a complicity of
great intelligence, where the concentration of each of the two partners seeks
perfection. The perception of this agreement is not totally without risk in this
painting: the glowing disk imposes a feeling of anxiety, like the sunset of a day of
climatic threat. The dream is in suspense. Can the fogged, deceptive, torn and
bruised window, where this dream seems to be moving away, cancel it?

In the forest of long waiting:
The title is that of a 15th century ballad by Charles of Orleans in which he
concentrates his thoughts. Here the painting reflects a sensory experience lived in
the forest environment. In this multidimensional universe, the gaze is turned
upwards and concentrates to get lost in the misty peaks. The light is subdued, alive
and soothing. Starry shapes vibrate (light yellow), a central point of white light
pierces the canopy and illuminates a fragile thread of light stretched between two
symmetrical markers of old decaying wood that accentuate the depth of the field of
vision. The positioning, the structure and the dimension of these two geometrical
forms are in close relation with the square. Connected by a spider’s thread, they
attract each other until they are distorted.

Under the whispering tree:
This is the story of a tree, its intelligence and its transfiguration. A very old tree
resists a sky of fire and a strong wind that hits it with violence. The trunk arched
against the hurricane resists. The energy that rises from the ground to the top of the
tree becomes a moving light, a cloud, a flower, a sensitive organization, a whisper
of past and future events. A pure pleasure of painting in search of the energetic
lines of force and the chromatic subtleties.

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